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Chat with local Kamloops Rapper THEKWOTE about the BC Hiphop scene

Kameo w/ Ed the Sock

Ed the Sock and Kameo catch up quickly during his Kamloops stop of his #waronstupid tour

Kameo w/ Jason of

We talk like the basement dwellers we are, so maybe you shouldn't listen to this with Kids... Check out Jason's Podcast it been running for almost a decade!

Kameo w/ Cassidy Watt

I believe I meet the only person in Kamloops who hasn't been to Red Beards

Kameo w/ Shannon of Rebel Vision

I chat with one half of the admin team of the #KamloopsCreativeCommunity on FB

Out of the Cold // Love Hard Kamloops

Amy Giddens of Love Hard Kamloops brings me out on the van and Out of the Cold.

Kameo w/ Payton of Brennan's Ugly Sweater Run

I chat with the organizer of a great grassroots running event that honours her brother.

Kameo w/ @alyshabelcourtphotography

Alysha and I meet up at an AW to chat and snap a few photos

Kameo w/ Jeff of

Had a great talk with Jeff Conners about men's mental health and addiction!

Kameo w/ Dana Foster

I chat with the entrepreneur & broadcast wizard Dana Foster of the

Kameo w/

I chat hiphop with a local MC Hanz who just dropped his latest project "Renegade"

Kameo w/ @adrian_falk

Chatting with Young Adrian Falk about what he wants to do after High School

Kameo w/ Jon Eadie

Jon Eadie reached out saying he was interested in starting something, so we chat about starting something!

Kameo w/ Melissa Dagostini of White Olive Photo

Started chatting in the DMs about some photos and got together to record a podcast about being creative entrepreneurs

Kameo w/ Amy Giddens of Love Hard

Chatting about the development of Mission Flats at Mission Flats with Amy Giddens of Love Hard

Kameo w/ Juli Harland

Juli speaks about living a more creative life, being yourself and roleplay?

Kameo w/ Shannon Ainslie

Shannon and I met once briefly but we got together to chat about each other's projects.

Kameo w/ Author Alex Mcgilvery

Alex and I chat about self publishing and other topics over coffee!

Kameo w/ Brian of Hurtin For Real

Brian has an online radio show that he has been doing for years about "Good Country Radio"

Kameo w/ Fiore Fresco

Chatting with Chris one of Kamloops Cannabis Entrepreneur hopefuls!

Kameo w/ Mike O'Reilly


Kameo w/ Denis Walsh


Kameo w/ Dieter Dudy


Kameo w/ Ken Christian


Kameo w/ Donovan Cavers


Kameo w/ Shawn Harnett


Kameo w/ Stephen Karpuk


Kameo w/ Dennis Giesbrecht


Kameo w/ Jennifer Adams


Kameo w/ William Turnbull


Kameo w/ Bill Sarai


Kameo w/ Corally Delwo


Kameo w/ Nicholas Adams


Kameo w/ Alison Klie


Kameo w/ Sadie Hunter


Kameo w/ Dale Bass


Kameo w/ Chris Bose


Kameo w/ Michael Paul Wright

I chat with local Youtube Creator Michael Paul Wright

Kameo w/ @girlonthegoca

Finally got to catch Sherri King in Kamloops as she is normally jet setting around the world for her blog

Kameo w/ Dairai Mutandiro

Dairai and I pick met thanks to Yasir introducing us!

Kameo w/ @subculture_kamloops

Chatting with Chris Lynch who is putting on a new music festival in Kamloops this Month!

Kameo w/ Graig Burns

Chatting with Graig Burns, one of the people behind "The Big E", a street newspaper launching soon!

Kameo w/ @808andbench

Chatting with Landon of 808 and Bench about skateboarding & graffiti.

Kameo w/ Arjun Singh

Thank you for meeting with me Arjun!

Kameo w/ @mamakkaay

Kayla Dixon and I chat about her YouTube channel!

Kameo w/ Dr. Ian Mitchell

I chat with Dr. Ian Mitchell about cannabis (weed).

Kameo w/ Jeff Torrans

I get some leadership advice from a John C Maxwell trained professional.

Kameo w/ @dvrstyfsh

I chat with the guys behind the fashion brand coming out of TRU!

Kameo w/ @wildwoodtattooparlour

I chat with the power couple behind Wildwood Tattoo Parlour!

Kameo w/ @factotumco

JP Lancaster and I chat with his roots in Kamloops and love for music!

Kameo w/ @zacabneyart

Zach and I chat about his drive as an artist!

Kameo w/ @madmadworld_

Madie and I chat about her love for taxidermy and where her creations have ended up!

Kameo w/ @canadian_enduro_series

Ted and I chat about his mountain biking race company he runs out of Kamloops!

Kameo w/ @beatmik1

Mike the @Beatmik01; we met at Kamloops Innovation and so we returned to KIC to chat.

Kameo w/ @colton.gesch

I chat with Colton of the Desert Tiger Podcast, another Kamloops based podcast!

Kameo w/ @yasirkhansocialmastery

I chat with Yasir Khan, a TedX TRU Speaker, about his public speaking and social anxiety.

Kameo w/ @connor_shelton_remax

I chat with Connor Shelton about Rugby & Real Estate

Kameo w/ @briannasjourney_

I chat with Brianna about her journey and goal setting

Kameo w/ Corey of Spectra Services

I chat with a champion of the the local LGBQT community in Kamloops. Corey of Spectra Services!

Kameo w/ @newparallel

Kameo with Ian & Jared of @NewParallel a couple of young filmmakers in Kamloops!

Kameo w/ Brandon Olds

Brandon Olds: Owner/Operator at Bottle Rocket Advertising and Media

Kameo w/ @juliovisko

Julio and I chat about finding your "fortress" and digital marketing!

Kameo w/ @nikki.elocin

Nikki and I met on a hike and we chat about the importance of getting outside!

Kameo w/ Everleigh Dawn Webster

I am now a father. This is my daughter.

Kameo w/ @jordan_wilman

Jordan was one of the first people to reach out to me to record a podcast, so we did just that!

Kameo w/ @dailychelsie

Chelsie and I chat about her work in the Canadian radio scene!

Kameo w/ @jackwkjones

Jack and I met at a cafe after I noticed his whitewater kayak on his car, so we chatted about it!

Kameo w/ @squadfather710

Derrick and I chat about what it means to put patients over profits.

Kameo w/ @nurturemamadoula

Catherine calms me down about soon becoming a father.

Kameo w/ @vk.lakkineni

Krishna and I chat about about a whole bunch of things and record my longest podcast to date.

Kameo w/ @redbeardcafe

Mitch of Red Beard Cafe and I chat about a "Better Kamloops".

Kameo w/ @brass_monkeys_sk8

Neil and I chat about his skateboard company and stealing my job.

Kameo w/ @nakedgypsy__

Layah and I chat while at the Sahali Value Village as she looks for clothes!

Kameo w/ @hopemikal

Hope and I chat about her fascination with graffiti!

Kameo w/ @miguel.ports

Miguel and I chat about being a creator & collaboration!

Kameo w/ @donnellytelevision

Adam from CFJC TV & I chat after connecting over Reddit!

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