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Slum Glutton | Rapper

I meet at a local Tim Horton's to meet with a local rapper who goes by the name of Slum Glutton to talk hiphop & our struggles with sobriety

Todd Sullivan | Creative Writer

Todd Sullivan is a writer who I have gotten to know thru FB and also thru his writing. He and I share a lot of similarities once you get past our age difference.

Acacia Leilani | Kamloops Chamber Of Commerce

Acacia Leilani of Kamloops Chamber Of Commerce meet me for the 100 something Kameo @ Motivo in Downtown Kamloops to talk about her role and also #kamithefish

Iain Currie x Green Party

A roadside chat with Iain Currie who is the Kamloops Green Party Candidate for the upcoming federal election.

Tara Holmes #stopthetimechange

Tara and I catching up was long over due so we got together and cut a podcast about whats she has been up to including why she wants you to help her stop the time change - kameo

Kameo w/ Randy Santel

The unedited pop-up podcast with competitive eater Randy Santel after he tried to take the Reubinator

DJ Billy Bishop #RAPLOOPS

Dj Billy Bishop aka Cody of the Holy Sock Gang and I meet on a picnic bench IRL.

Kameo w/ David Carter

I meet up with my past TRU instructor David Carter to catch up since he is one of my oldest contacts I have in Kamloops. We chat about all sorts of things from a rather futurist perspective of how technology will mess with our sense of place.


The Autistic Asthmatic and the Podcast Pugilist of the Red Blanet Bandits meet for the first time in person. #BCUG

Kameo w/ Photo Journalist Shelby Thevenot

I conduct an exit interview with InfoNews Journalist Shelby Thevenot as she leaves Kamloops to return to Montreal.

Kameo w/ Tyler Carpentier of KamCon

For my 100th episode I finally record a podcast at Mustache & Go with Tyler Carpentier of KamCon.

Kameo w/ Ken Kozuki of RA Hair

I chat with artistic director of Ra Hair Ken Kozuki about Kamloops & being on the international stage.

Kameo w/ Rich City Records

I meet up with a local hiphop producer Rich City Records aka Justin Conder to chat about BC Underground Hiphop #BCUG

Kameo w/ Marlene Hibbs

A quick chat with Marlene Hibbs who is behind the "Days of Action" movement to chat about the importance of Mental Health

Kameo w/ @dylantbellamy

Dylan offered to do some graph design work for me long ago. I have since turned one of his designed into a gif you can us on FB by looking up "Kameo Podcast"

Cody the Clout Lord #kammunity

A new segment where I chat with people that make up the Kameo community also known as the #kammunity.


I thought I was meeting with @lost.flores but instead I was ambushed by a whole bunch of the Lostboys and their friends and so I decided that was a great time to try out some new equipment

Kameo w/ Cathy McLeod

MP Cathy McLeod sits down with me to chat about her pipeline tour, the upcoming election and Kamloops.

Kameo w/ Steven Puhallo

I meet up with Steven Puhallo whose family has had roots in the community for decades to chat about the bull riding community in and around Kamloops

Kameo w/ Amanda the Mermaid @mermaid_amatheia

I meet up with a Kamloopsian whose making a living making tails for Mermaids. Amanda meets with me to chat about the mermaid community and how the internet plays a role in her niche

Tom Gimbel of Foreigner | VOIP

Foreigner is going to be in Kamloops February 24th, so I reached out for an interview and luckily Thom Gimbel was open to chatting with a little podcast in Kamloops, BC!

Kameo w/ Dina of @oxygenkamloopsaberdeen

I drop by Dina's yoga studio, setup and press record... And then Dina and I chat like we always do...

Kameo w/ @appledaggerart

I long time ago, I asked Shelby of @appledaggerart to do a cartoon for me in trade for a podcast episode, she drew my Ed the Sock


After bailing on me last night and having to get some strangers to jump my Escape, I finally meet with Kreflo Evans aka Decipher

Kameo w/ Megan of @cocoadotcakes

I once heard that @meganeatscupcakes but she also bakes @cocoadotcakes all while doing @missioncontroleats

Kameo w/ Commodore Open Mic x @commyopenmic

I chat with the 3 creative minds behind the Open Mic nights ever Monday at the Commodore on Victoria St.

Kameo w/ Ryan Dudy

I meet up with Ryan Dudy, a Kamloops Photographer who i met on Instagram who has a last name you might recognize in Kamloops City Hall

Kameo w/ Nick Hennigar @saintnick_250

Nick Hennigar and I get to know each other and chat about our creative endeavors. Nick is a Recording Artist & Videographer.

Kameo w/ Krystian the Kamloops Self Advocate

I have the chance to meet the man behind the Kamloops Self Advocate newsletter and learn about his new podcast!


Kairos is actually from the other K Town... Kelowna but is visiting Kamloops to meet with the Lostboys

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