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Pastor Lyle

I have a quick chat with my new neighbour who happens to be a Pastor


either listen or don't, there is no try cause we are just chatting over coffee for the first time

Mr. E #BlackOutArtists

Mr E and I met in his basement recording studio drink black coffee and chat hiphop

Kameo w/ #JASPERsunshine

Jasper and I have been #instagram friends for over 2 years and we finally meet in Kamloops

Emily May the Photographer

I have Emily May, a local Kamloops photographer over for coffee, its as simple as that

Arjun the Conversationalist

Kamloops City Councillor Arjun Singh meets me for coffee to discuss the preforming arts centre and his perspective on the project

Daz Tha Punk #raploops

Take 2 with #dazthepunk <3 kameo

Tyson | Kamloops Centre for the Arts

To dispel any misinformation about the Kamloops Centre for the Arts, I met with Tyson for coffee.

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