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Kameo w/ Tyler Carpentier of KamCon

For my 100th episode I finally record a podcast at Mustache & Go with Tyler Carpentier of KamCon.

Kameo w/ Ken Kozuki of RA Hair

I chat with artistic director of Ra Hair Ken Kozuki about Kamloops & being on the international stage.

Kameo w/ Rich City Records

I meet up with a local hiphop producer Rich City Records aka Justin Conder to chat about BC Underground Hiphop #BCUG

Kameo w/ Marlene Hibbs

A quick chat with Marlene Hibbs who is behind the "Days of Action" movement to chat about the importance of Mental Health

Kameo w/ @dylantbellamy

Dylan offered to do some graph design work for me long ago. I have since turned one of his designed into a gif you can us on FB by looking up "Kameo Podcast"

Cody the Clout Lord #kammunity

A new segment where I chat with people that make up the Kameo community also known as the #kammunity.


I thought I was meeting with @lost.flores but instead I was ambushed by a whole bunch of the Lostboys and their friends and so I decided that was a great time to try out some new equipment

Kameo w/ Cathy McLeod

MP Cathy McLeod sits down with me to chat about her pipeline tour, the upcoming election and Kamloops.

Kameo w/ Steven Puhallo

I meet up with Steven Puhallo whose family has had roots in the community for decades to chat about the bull riding community in and around Kamloops

Kameo w/ Amanda the Mermaid @mermaid_amatheia

I meet up with a Kamloopsian whose making a living making tails for Mermaids. Amanda meets with me to chat about the mermaid community and how the internet plays a role in her niche

Tom Gimbel of Foreigner | VOIP

Foreigner is going to be in Kamloops February 24th, so I reached out for an interview and luckily Thom Gimbel was open to chatting with a little podcast in Kamloops, BC!

Kameo w/ Dina of @oxygenkamloopsaberdeen

I drop by Dina's yoga studio, setup and press record... And then Dina and I chat like we always do...

Kameo w/ @appledaggerart

I long time ago, I asked Shelby of @appledaggerart to do a cartoon for me in trade for a podcast episode, she drew my Ed the Sock


After bailing on me last night and having to get some strangers to jump my Escape, I finally meet with Kreflo Evans aka Decipher

Kameo w/ Megan of @cocoadotcakes

I once heard that @meganeatscupcakes but she also bakes @cocoadotcakes all while doing @missioncontroleats

Kameo w/ Commodore Open Mic x @commyopenmic

I chat with the 3 creative minds behind the Open Mic nights ever Monday at the Commodore on Victoria St.

Kameo w/ Ryan Dudy

I meet up with Ryan Dudy, a Kamloops Photographer who i met on Instagram who has a last name you might recognize in Kamloops City Hall

Kameo w/ Nick Hennigar @saintnick_250

Nick Hennigar and I get to know each other and chat about our creative endeavors. Nick is a Recording Artist & Videographer.

Kameo w/ Krystian the Kamloops Self Advocate

I have the chance to meet the man behind the Kamloops Self Advocate newsletter and learn about his new podcast!


Kairos is actually from the other K Town... Kelowna but is visiting Kamloops to meet with the Lostboys

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