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Kameo w/ @subculture_kamloops

Chatting with Chris Lynch who is putting on a new music festival in Kamloops this Month!

Kameo w/ Graig Burns

Chatting with Graig Burns, one of the people behind "The Big E", a street newspaper launching soon!

Kameo w/ @808andbench

Chatting with Landon of 808 and Bench about skateboarding & graffiti.

Kameo w/ Arjun Singh

Thank you for meeting with me Arjun!

Desert Tiger - The Double Down!

Colton of the Desert Tiger Podcast introduces himself to the Kammunity!

Kameo w/ @mamakkaay

I've got a plan to improve audio quality.

Kameo w/ Dr. Ian Mitchell

I chat with Dr. Ian Mitchell about cannabis (weed).

Kameo w/ Jeff Torrans

I get some leadership advice from a John C Maxwell trained professional.

Kameo w/ @dvrstyfsh

I chat with the guys behind the fashion brand coming out of TRU!

Yasir Khan - 4 Steps To Speaking With Excitement

In this episode, Yasir talks about how you can get yourself PUMPED UP and EXCITED about speaking in front of an audience. The 4Ls of Speaking with Excitement.

Kameo w/ @wildwoodtattooparlour

Man I need to learn to edit audio... or get a studio setup... so many stories to tell! - nev

Kameo w/ @factotumco

Sorry everyone for dropping episodes!

Kameo w/ @zacabneyart

This was the 1st episode that I started to really invest in some equipment... I spent 5 mins reading the manual before recording - nev

Kameo w/ @madmadworld_

Another early interview that I lost when moving hosts... I had no idea what I was doing. I still dont but I am loving it! - nev

Kameo w/ @canadian_enduro_series

REBROADCAST... Sorry for the audio quality... this was my 1st interview ever! I did it via skype.

Why a podcast?


You found me!


Yasir Khan - Diving into Discomfort

Yasir Khan shares his experience of pushing the boundaries of his comfort zone, and how you can do the same.

Yasir Khan - The Importance of Speaking

Yasir of Yasir Khan Social Mastery introduces himself to the Kammunity!

Kameo w/ @beatmik1

Mike the @Beatmik01; we met at Kamloops Innovation and so we returned to KIC to chat.

Kameo w/ @colton.gesch

I chat with Colton of the Desert Tiger Podcast, another Kamloops based podcast!

Kameo w/ @yasirkhansocialmastery

I chat with Yasir Khan, a TedX TRU Speaker, about his public speaking and social anxiety.

Kameo w/ @connor_shelton_remax

I chat with Connor Shelton about Rugby & Real Estate

Kameo w/ @briannasjourney_

I chat with Brianna about her journey and goal setting

Kameo w/ Corey of Spectra Services

I chat with a champion of the the local LGBQT community in Kamloops. Corey of Spectra Services!

Kameo w/ @newparallel

Kameo with Ian & Jared of @NewParallel a couple of young filmmakers in Kamloops!

Kameo w/ Brandon Olds

Brandon Olds: Owner/Operator at Bottle Rocket Advertising and Media

Friendly Monsters | FREEFORM

Reading short poems from "Friendly Monster's" by Tyleen Barker & Karen Morgan

Kameo w/ @juliovisko

Well after this episode, I am out of recorded episodes, so please take the time to listen to what @juliovisko has to share!

Kameo w/ @nikki.elocin

Get outside... and run real good - nev

Kameo w/ Everleigh Dawn Webster

Kameo w/ Everleigh Dawn Webster. My daughter.

Kameo w/ @jordan_wilman

Be persistent - nev

Kameo w/ @dailychelsie

I love Canadian radio - nev

Kameo w/ @jackwkjones

Find your passion & join their community - nev

Damn You Diary | FREEFORM

Community over competition - nev

Kameo w/ @squadfather710

Patients over profits - nev

Kameo w/ @nurturemamadoula

Hey! I am a dad! - nev

Nevin Webster…again #motivationmonday


Stace DeWolf | FREEFORM

Focus on your mental health - nev

Kameo w/ @vk.lakkineni

Find mentors & recognize when someone is giving you guidance - nev

Nevin Webster #motivationmonday


Kameo w/ @redbeardcafe

I'm energized by caffeine, cannabis & canines - nev

Steve Flex Luggar #mondaymotivation


I am doing a BRANDED podcast!

I tried to do a branded podcast. Its okay to try & fail. At least you tired - nev

Kameo w/ @brass_monkeys_sk8

Am I impaired? - nev

A few ideas i want to share with you…

Kameo w/ @nakedgypsy__

Frank. Thank you so much Frank for all your support. I never would have made it this far if it wasn't for you - nev

Kameo w/ @hopemikal

Hope. I am still hopeful that the Joy Factory podcast returns - nev

Kameo w/ @miguel.ports

I dropped 5 Kameo's when moving hosts, this was not my 2nd interview - nev

Thanks for Tuning In!

Be sure to join the #kammunity on instagram - nev

Kameo w/ @donnellytelevision

Welcome to my podcasting story - nev

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